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Welcome to Fantasia

Content Central

Fantasia is a single place to store the information that interests you, whether that's bookmarked pages or documents that you're working with.

You can even write your own content in Fantasia's document editor.

Whatever you bookmark, write or upload will be analysed and become ready for searching and exploration.

Fantasia Search


Search the text on your bookmarked pages, your files and your own notes in one place.

Fantasia shows related topics as you search based on its understanding of each page and how those topics relate to what you're searching for.

Fantasia Topics


Each topic shows the snippets from your document collection that are connected to that topic.

You can choose additional topics to drill down further into your content.

Opening a document takes you to that document's content with each relevant paragraph highlighted.

Fantasia Reading View

Reading View

Fantasia presents a clean and consistent reading view of your files and archived bookmarks.

The original file is still there too, if you need it!

Fantasia Related Paragraphs

Related Paragraphs

Select paragraphs to find related information in the current document.

You can also cherry pick paragraphs and save them into an editable document.

Fantasia Related Content

Related Content

After selecting a paragraph you can explore related information across your entire document collection.

Fantasia shows the key topics from each related paragraph.

Fantasia Document Editor

Document Editor

As well as collecting content, you can create your own documents that are exposed via Fantasia's API for use in your applications and websites.

Include images from your content collection, referenced page snippets and code blocks.

And while typing you can find related information from your documents at any time.


A fantasia is a piece of music or architecture that blends together different styles or themes.

Fantasia is a cloud based content analysis system that finds the harmonious themes across your information, regardless of where that information came from.


Fantasia exposes a fully featured API that lets you add Fantasia to your own websites and services.

The API does not only include access to your documents and archived bookmarks, but also search, topic analysis, related paragraphs and content.

Release Schedule

Fantasia is currently undergoing testing and limited public access is coming soon.

Sign up today to get early access and ensure your place as it becomes available.


Fantasia is free to use until it launches.

It will then be available under a monthly subscription plan.

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