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A cloud based content analysis system

  • Search your content and documents
  • Find related pages
  • Show related snippets as you write


A fantasia is a piece of music or architecture that blends together different styles or themes.

Fantasia is a cloud based content analysis system that finds the harmonious melody in your entire document collection.

You can search, find related documents and also create new documents in Fantasia's innovative document editor.

Contextual Snippets

Fantasia analyses your documents and bookmarked web pages with sophisticated machine learning.

As you write, you can see key snippets of related information from your entire document collection.

This shows you the patterns within your content and prompts you with relevant reference material.

Headless CMS

Add Fantasia's unique search to your website by bookmarking your pages and then using the Fantasia API to query them.

You can also store your content and images directly in Fantasia and use the API as a headless CMS.

Your content is served as JSON, and you can format it using any rendering technology of your choice.


Fantasia is currently in private beta. It will stay free until launch.

Sign up today to ensure your place in the beta.

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Natural Language Processing

Try Ice Blue Digital's proprietary natural language processing software

  • Text Parsing (English)
  • Semantic Analysis
  • WordNet and Topics




  • WordNet - an English dictionary with relationships between words and definitions.
  • Topic Ontology - Around 200,000 topics linked to both WordNet senses and Wikipedia articles that can be navigated via either ontology.


The Fantasia REST based API exposes these tools and more for use in your own applications.

Fantasia is presently in private beta release. Create an account to be notified when the API becomes publicly available.

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