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A platform to help you build intelligent applications

Machine Learning

Develop machine learning models with Fantasia's drag and drop interface.

Explore and graph data, design machine learning models and then connect your own computer to do the actual training!

Document Analysis

Feed web pages, Word and PDF documents into Fantasia's sophisticated analysis tools.

Fantasia will find document structures, topics, connected snippets and groups of related documents and snippets.


Extract text that mention topics from your document collection and analyse it for sentiment.

Categorise questions, convert sentences into parse trees and find possible senses and topics.

Current Status

Fantasia is currently in private beta.

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Structured Data

Structured Data

Fantasia is a platform to help you build intelligent applications.

Convert documents and web pages into structured data, then search and analyse that data using sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning.



Fantasia analyses text and associates it with topics where appropriate.

Topics are indexed so that you can find all sentences that refer to a specific topic.


Sentiment Analysis

Fantasia can tell you the type and strength of sentiment within text.

So you can find all sentences in your document collection that refer to "Coca Cola" and analyse each to find the sentiment expressed.


Related Text

Fantasia finds related text across your entire document collection.

Each paragraph is linked to all other paragraphs across documents that approximately describe the same concepts.

Natural Language Processing

Fantasia uses custom built natural language processing software created in Sydney.

  • Text Parsing (English)
  • Semantic Analysis
  • WordNet and Topics




  • WordNet - an English dictionary with relationships between words and semantic ontology.
  • Topic Ontology - Around 200,000 topics linked to both WordNet senses and Wikipedia articles that can be navigated via either ontology.
  • Related Embeddings - View related words and add and subtract words to explore word usage geometrically.


Fantasia's REST based API exposes these tools and more for use in your own applications.

Fantasia is presently in private beta release. Create an account to be notified when the API becomes publicly available.

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