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Bright Wire Studio

Data analysis and machine learning

Simple Machine Learning

Bright Wire Studio is easy to use for beginners and experts alike

Bright Wire Studio

Bright Wire Studio lets you manipulate tables and train machine learning models in the cloud and on your local computer.

Perfect for learning about machine learning but also advanced enough to train neural networks and experiment with deep learning using your local GPU.

Trained models can be deployed to production via Bright Wire, a .net library that supports Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android.

Visualise data in reduced dimensions

Visualise multidimensional data.

Clustering visualisation

Cluster your data and visualise the clusters.

Classification visualisation

Visualise where your classifiers are making mistakes.

Table analysis

Table analysis gives you a complete overview of your data

Bright Wire Studio is currently available as a public preview. Sign up to get an invite for the private beta.

Bright Wire API

Clients for the Bright Wire API are currently available for .net and JavaScript/TypeScript